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5th MOH Physiotherapy Conference

Berjalai Sejalai Ngembak Physiotherapy to Greater Heights

The above was the slogan used for the 5th MOH Physiotherapy conference which translates to Uplifting Physiotherapy to Greater Heights.

Yup, as West Malaysians are not really familiar with the local language of the land of hornbills, we found it to be rather fascinating. Sarawak, the largest state in Malaysia, also the second largest state in Borneo, is a home to 7 main ethnics and 30 other sub ethnicities.

Travelling to Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak took us at least 2 hours by flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Once landed in Kuching International Airport (KIA) we headed straight to the venue of the conference, Riverside Majestic Hotel, Kuching.

Riverside Majestic Hotel, Kuching

We thank the event organizer, as the selected venue was very convenient as it is smacked right in the middle of the city center. How do we proof that? The famous statue of the cats is located just a stone throw away from our hotel.

As we arrived the venue on Thursday, we were a day ahead prior to the event day. Hence, we made full use of the day setting up our booth. There were plenty of companies partake the event, to name a few, IDS Medical Systems, RehaMed Medical, Profile Technology, and many more.

Physiotherapist trying out our Lymphatouch machine

On the event day, plenty of Physiotherapists came to our booth to try the machine we had on display. Our machine was definitely something which they did not see coming, as it is the first of its kind. Lymphatouch, is a negative pressure massager that is used to treat lymphadema cases. Made in Finland, yes, the same country that made Nokia and makes Suunto, its proven to be of a cutting edge in respect to engineering.

Product explanation is provided to all our patrons

The event ended on the 2nd October, and was closed with a certificate giving ceremony to all the sponsors of the event. We feel very honoured to be invited by the association to be one of the sponsors, and we hope to see all of you next year.

Certificate received in good hand

If you want to know more about LymphaTouch negative pressure massager, do contact us at 03-6136 8050 or email to, and we will back to you the soonest.

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