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Aurovue Dfine Multifocal Hydrophobic IOL

Product Description

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Aurovue Dfine IOL is a hydrophobic diffractive multifocal aspheric foldable preloaded intraocular lens for ophthalmology application with the near addition of +3D. The optic of Aurovue Dfine has uniquely designed to provide maximum energy at near and optimum energy at distance. With this design, the patient will have very good near vision with uncompromised distance vision.


Product Features


Posterior surface with 11 diffractive zones for near, intermediate and distance vision

Square edge posterior with Truedge 360° reduces PCO rates

Aspheric surface for better contrast sensitivity

Force-enduring haptics for greater stability


Offers power from 10.0 D to 15.0 D in 1.0 diopter increment and 15.0 D to 25.0 D in 0.5 D increment. The 11 concentric rings are designed for tropical eyes (4 mm pupil size).


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