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Hawk i Slit Lamp

Product Description

Aurolab has introduced its range of slit lamps under the brand name "Hawk - i". Hawk - i fullfills a long time gap in the market for a good optical quality product below the market price. Hawk – i is a compact illumination system with fluid mechanical movement which offers excellent optical functions needed for eye care professionals.
It comes in both top and bottom illumination with 2- step, 3- step and 5- step magnification.

Hawk i-01.png

Product features

  • Specially coated optics.

  • Ergonomical design.

  • Apo chromatic property.

  • LED illumination system.


  • Render high throughout light curbing reflective properties.

  • Fluid mechanical operations.

  • True reflections of original image and no color distortion.

  • Gives clarity and durability.

  • LED illumination system offers less heat generation and longer life span.

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