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Maidfirm Thermoplastic


About our thermoplastic

The thermoplastic material produced by MAIDFIRM is specially formulated for high rigidity and larger splint applications, consists of Splinting Materials for Physical Rehabilitation, Patient Immobilization systems in Radiation Oncology, Thermoplastics for Orthosis and for Prosthetic sockets, etc, which offers firm support with no flaking or cracking after extended wear.

Neck support.png

Our splinting material offers users a high degree of control and resistance to stretch. Being heated, the thermoplastic can be easily welded to itself by pressing and rubbing two surfaces together. 

All the splints have a smooth surface with no fingerprinting. Besides, all of our thermoplastics are Latex-free and biodegradable.

Color: Blue, White, Black, and Beige

Applications: Lower extremity splints, body jackets, large splints, etc.

Best heated in water bath at 65° - 70° C (150° - 160° F)

Physical and chemical feature of the material

Feature: Poly-Caprolactone Diol, PCL for short, which is one type of semi-crystalline polymer, with the melting point 59 ~ 64° C. Besides, PCL is very flexible, workable, and bio-compatible. Owing to these features, the PCL has the shape memorized function. The items with shape-memorized feature that have been deformed & fixed would return to its initial shape after heating or other outer activating means.

On the other hand, a new material of biodegradation could be made by mixing the PCL and starch or other substance. Nowadays, the characteristics in these two aspects have been applied in many fields, especially for medical treatment, e.g. low temperature thermoplastic adhesive tape, bandage, and corrective wears.

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