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Aurogreen Indocyanine Green (ICG)

Product Description


Aurogreen (active ingredient Indocyanine green–ICG) is a diagnostic dye used in ophthalmology application mainly for ophthalmic angiography.

Product Features

  • Recent advance in ophthalmic angiography.

  • Powerful tool for diagnosing specific eye condition when clinically indicated.

  • Easily diffuses Superior than fluorescein angiography.

  • Low iodide content (3.8%) ensures remote chance of iodide allergy.

  • Very safe no side effects.

  • Preferred by leading vitreous retina-macula specialists.


  • Age-related macular degeneration.

  • Choroidal neo vascularisation (CNV).

  • Central serous choroido retinopathy.

  • Pigment epithelial detachment (PED).

  • Intraocular tumors and choroiditis.


  • As in vitro experiments have shown that indocyanine green displaces bilirubin from its protein binding, AUROGREEN should not be used in premature infants or neonates in whom an exchange transfusion is indicated on account of hyperbilirubinaemia.

  • Should not be used in patients allergic to iodine unless special precautions are taken.

  • Should not be performed in patients who are uremic unless appropriate emergency equipments are readily available.


Aurogreen is available as a lyophilized sterile powder of 25 mg for ophthalmic angiography.

Product Literature

ICG usage in  insular Glioma Surgery

ICG usage Infra RED video angiography

ICG usage in Chronic PeriOdontitis

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