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Auroblue Trypan Blue Solution

Product Description

Auroblue is a vital dye for ophthalmology application, used in matured cataract surgery, which stains the anterior capsule and fibrous tissue that enables the surgeon to visualize the capsule clearly. AUROBLUE is a sterile preparation of Trypan Blue 0.06% w/v in buffered solution.


Product Features

  • A capsule stainer to aid easy capsulorhexis in cataract surgery.

  • Excellent visualization of capsule in eyes with matured cataract / narrow pupils.

  • Clear visualization of outline of the capsule rim during surgery.

  • Reduces risk of incomplete capsulorhexis.



Used as a capsule staining agent in cataract surgery.


Auroblue is contraindicated when a non hydrated (Dry state) hydrophobic acrylic Intraocular lens (IOL) is planned to implant into eye, because the dye may be absorbed by the IOL and get stained.

Available in sterile 1 ml vial (pack of 5 vials).

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