Premium Quality Round Stock Blades

Nanocut blades are manufactured from a chemical etching process with round stock profile (High grade SS wires) process and with high end technology. These excellences in manufacturing provide surgeons smooth incisions without resistance enhancing superior wound reconstruction. These blades come with anti-glare surface and autoclavable polycarbonate handles and cradle. Nanocut blades are CE Certified.

Available types:

  • Side port blades

  • Slit blades (Keratome)

  • Crescent blades

Keratome blades

Nanocut keratome blades penetrate easily without any resistance by making an accurate width and optimum fit to phaco tips with perfect chamber stability and nil wound leakage. Nanocut keratome blades comes in both bevel up and bevel down cutting edge.

Crescent blades

NanoCut –Crescent blades are designed to create a smooth scleral shelf to promote a self –sealing wound. The blade’s consistent sharpness virtually eliminates tissue drag and distortion.